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Hair Extensions At Lucinda Ellery

Tanya Arturi sacks off the short crop in favour of long locks

Written by . Published on July 7th 2011.

Hair Extensions At Lucinda Ellery

A Short Story

LIKE most women I know, I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. Unfortunately, hair really is a women’s ultimate accessory and it’s something that many of us obsess over (men do too – just look at Wayne Rooney’s recent quest for thicker hair).

Cropped Style'Funky' cropped styleThe effect of hair on self esteem is something not to be taken lightly either . Philip Kingsley, one of the world’s leading trichologists, said: Hair is the single most important part of the anatomy affecting our psyche.”

I have to admit, last summer I liked my hair – the length was good and it suited my face shape. Fast forward five months to a bout of bad hair days and I decided to take action. Drastic action.

Clutching a photo of Sharon Stone with a ‘pixie’ cut (which looked great on her), I asked my hairdresser to cut all of my hair off. Not just short, but really short. Stepping out of the hairdressers, I was pleased with the cut but soon got annoyed with the upkeep of a crop.

Reactions to my new ‘pixie’ style also varied. My husband politely said the style suited me but he preferred it “a bit longer” (it was a bit of a ‘does my bum look big in this?’ situation). Some friends obviously didn’t know what to say, so they didn’t say anything. Other’s said things like…”you look….umm, funky today”. FUNKY?

The Hair Extensions

BeforeBeforePatience isn’t a virtue I have much of, so when I read about the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy, I decided to investigate having hair extensions.

The consultancy has been established for over 26 years and has already had its fair share of WAGs and TV celebrities (Cheryl Cole, Jennifer Ellison and Rachel Hunter, to name a few). Beyond that, it’s also somewhere where women with hair loss problems can regain their luscious locks through various hair replacement techniques. You can read about their female hair loss treatments in Confidential’s ‘The Importance Of Hair’ feature here

The salon doesn’t have a typical high street presence and it’s not a place to visit for a general cut and blow-dry. The Lucinda Ellery Consultancy is specialist and this means that the quality and aftercare you receive isn’t typical, it’s exceptional. The consultancy is family owned and pride themselves on making customers feel fantastic about themselves, as well as their hair.

Before Pic_BackBeforeThe first stage in my quest for long hair was an initial consultation to discuss what I wanted to achieve and to assess the suitability of my hair for extensions. Tester extensions were added into my own hair to make sure I felt happy with them and they suited my hair type. They also check that your expectations will match the end result and won’t do anything that may potentially damage your own hair. This is extremely reassuring in comparison to many salons that don’t specialise in hair extensions but offer them as a service without conducting such stringent checks.

My appointment was booked and Tom painstakingly added 172 small strands of 12 inch real hair (mixed with different colours, so that it would blend with my own hair colour) for five whole hours.

He was a perfectionist - carefully adding each cluster of hair with care, stepping back to check that everything blended. Finally, a stylist blended the extensions into my own hair with a pair of scissors and a razor, completing the look from short and shabby to long and lustrous.

Is Longer Better?

After PicAfter The best thing about having longer hair is how I feel; short hair wasn’t really ‘me’. Interestingly, since regaining longer hair I have bought more feminine clothing whereas before I would buy more neutral basics with an edge. I feel more glamourous and I like the versatility of having my hair either straight or wavy. Other people’s reactions have been very positive too and most people can’t believe how natural the extensions look. You won’t even know I have them in unless you feel the ‘bumps’ of glue under my natural hair.

How easy are the extensions to look after? Most women are worried about spending a lot of money on extensions (mine cost just over £1,000), only to find that they accidentally get pulled out by a brush. The main two things I have to remember, is to brush my hair at least three times a day (with a brush bought from Lucinda Ellery) and to make sure that conditioning oils and heated styling appliances don’t go on the bonds.

After Pic BackAfterAlso, when I go on holiday I will have to be mindful of the heat on my head – if the bonds get too hot they might dissolve, go sticky and fall out. Lucinda Ellery has an excellent after care policy and if a few extensions do come out, I should keep hold of them and they will be put back in, free of charge, within the first eight weeks. If I have this problem after eight weeks there’s a small charge (£4 per extension) to add them back in.

Generally, 50-60 per cent of extensions can be reused (at a fixed cost of £4 per extension, regardless or length or hair type). This equates to an average saving of around 25 per cent on subsequent visits.

Personally, the only minor issues I have with my extensions is the fact I can’t wear my hair in a high ponytail (because the hair on the nape of my neck was so short, the bonds will show). The bonds feel a bit itchy when my scalp gets oily, and also I have to style my hair on a daily basis (if I don’t, my natural hair looks a bit flat and the extensions look thicker – they behave differently). Overall, minor irritations compared to how it looks.

So, how does it feel to have long locks back? Fabulous – long hair was part of my signature look but I didn’t realise this until it was cut short. I don’t think anyone will say I look ‘funky’ again and hair extensions enable me to get an instant fix while my natural hair grows. There’s no going back now…

For more information visit www.lucindaellery.com  

Lucinda Ellery
312-314 King Street
W6 0RR
0208 741 8224

Old Exchange Building
29-31 King Street
M2 6BE
0161 832 2852

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Please beware - I had a really bad experience with this salon. Astronomical costs for the system and maintenance, bullying behaviour from management, poor quality hair which fell out in clumps and no real hairdresser training or expertise. It is really just an overpriced weave. Clients are given discounts for media interviews. Preying on vulnerable people

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