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Stretch Marks: The Truth Behind The Treatments

Part One: Needling

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Stretch Marks: The Truth Behind The Treatments

FIRSTLY, I must point out that if your stretch marks are still red or pink, there is hope for you yet. These can be healed naturally with a good oil or cream (skip this part and flick to part two).

But if your marks are white or silvery, I’m afraid you’d better get some benzodiazepine on standby, just in case this all goes wrong.

First up is MCA (Multitrepannic Collagen Activation), also known as skin needling. Rather than lying, like most treatments tend to do these days, the Dermaeraze salon informed me prior to my visit, that this treatment will not heal the stretch marks, but what it will do is make them less noticeable by tricking the body into calling the collagen and pigment back into the area. I appreciated their honesty. What they didn’t tell me though, was that this treatment hurts. In fact, it fucking kills. Even as I entered the salon in my Acne jeans, I was laughed out again by the lovely Dermaeaze owner, Lorena Massoni, who insisted I go and buy a skirt beforehand, as I wouldn’t be able to put my jeans back on afterwards. “Shit”, I thought to myself.

Lorena MassoniLorena MassoniUpon my return, Lorena rubbed a little Emla cream over my hips, the numbing cream given to children in hospital. This blocked out much of the pain of the needle, which is drawn over each mark on your body like some weird tattoo, but the aftermath was not quite so pain-free. In fact, forget the Emla, I almost asked for a lollipop and a gold star too.

However, and I hate to be cliché here, but isn’t beauty all about no pain no gain?

And I do feel as though this treatment has made a significant difference, not least of all to my wardrobe. I joke. 

To fill you in, here are a few excerpts from the diary I kept during the healing process:

Day 1
Shock, shock, horror, horror. Looks like someone has taken an axe to my ass and attempted to haw it off. Memo to self – cancel all dates for the next two weeks.

Day 2
Awoke after dreaming I was being clawed by a leopard; to say that the dream felt real would be an understatement… see a slight improvement in the swelling, but still can’t sit down or wear jeans.

Day 3
Cannot believe how fast it is healing, actually managed to put jeans on over the top and the swelling has gone completely… just red marks left.

Day 4
Much less noticeable… still won’t be getting in a bikini anytime soon.

Day 5
Itch begins, as wound becomes scab… driving me insane. Can someone pass me the rope?

Week 2

Still itchy, but marks are drastically faded and the skin is beginning to look smoother already. 

Week 3
As there is never any sunshine here, have to go on sunbed to try and bring pigment back to skin… marks are almost gone now… skin is much smoother.

Week 4
The red marks have finally faded. Hurrah! There are still some signs of stretch marks, but they are hardly noticeable, and after only one treatment.


Although this treatment is not for the squeamish, I can’t deny that it works. And Dermaeraze is the only salon in London to use needling for stretch marks, with clients from all over the country travelling to see Lorena personally. If you are considering this treatment, which I do recommend despite the pain and the initial appearance of the skin post-needling, then here are a few words of advice to help you along the way.

First of all, have a multitude of cotton skirts on hand – these will be your best friends through week one. Secondly, whilst the skin is healing, Lorena recommends that clients use a special mixture to enhance the healing process, made up of two oils: olive oil and avocado oil. The two of these combined on a one to one ratio will give your skin vitamin A and E and all the moisture it requires to help along the healing process. Lorena tells me that the same mixture is fantastic at preventing them during pregnancy. And lastly, the treatment most definitely works best on olive skin. Skin that is too pale won’t be able to bring back enough pigment into the affected area to disguise the stretch marks, whilst dark skin will have too much pigment to match up to.


Click here for part two



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9 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

CarmenAugust 10th 2011.

Congratulation Lorena and Nicole. I can't wait to got to London to have this treatment done, I understand it also takes care of facial wrinkles and lines. I will bring some Rum to enhance the numbing cream effectiveness

AnonymousAugust 11th 2011.

I wish I could see some before and after pics...

AnonymousJanuary 13th 2012.

you might aswell just prick yourself with sewing needles to produce the same skin healing response

AnonymousNovember 15th 2013.

I just had mine done at the harley street clinic just yesterday and the pain was horrific, I felt like crying and running out the room but I couldn't obviously so I was hiding my pain, but I must say after one day, the next morning you begin to forget about the pain. I hope after a couple of days I begin to see results cause right now it looks more worse than before I got it treated. Still early days.

AnonymousMarch 8th 2014.

I was really scared of the pain because of this article but did it anyhow because I was desperate to get rid of my stretchmarks and I had read nothing but good reviews. The pain was no worse than getting a tattoo and I was able to go about my business with no problems straight after and the next day I felt no pain at all. I went back last week for my four week check up and mine went by 80%!!!!! I guess people have different pain thresholds but I didn't think it was bad and Im so glad I went!

AnonymousApril 19th 2014.

Everyone that is complaining about the pain of this treatment has never had a bikini wax! It was nothing compared to having my bikini wax! The numbing cream takes the edge off and its fast and the results are worth it. If you can't take 15 minutes of mild discomfort for the sort of results this treatment offers then you deserve to live with your stretch marks.

AnonymousJuly 27th 2014.

OMG. They are gone. Gone. Ill take a little discomfort any day for these results. Four weeks later and they are gone...I only had them for 25 years!!!!

AnonymousSeptember 18th 2014.

I had it done the pain was bearable the numbing cream took the edge of it. Its been 5days i can see good results already

AnonymousJanuary 26th 2015.

I love this treatment, so glad I found it. I felt that the healing was very fast and I had none of the itching and pain afterwards that's mentioned in this article. If you're thinking of doing this go ahead! I'm so pleased!

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I had it done the pain was bearable the numbing cream took the edge of it. Its been 5days i can see…

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