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A Curious Calling: Mavis Klein

Meet the astrological psychotherapist who could change the way you look at the stars

Written by . Published on January 3rd 2012.

A Curious Calling: Mavis Klein

AFTER most interviews you leave feeling like you know much more about the other person than they do you. Not so with Mavis Klein. After talking for just half an hour, I felt the balance tip significantly the other way. After taking three bare facts about my life, she began to sketch me out like an architect mocking up a blueprint. Her background as a psychotherapist coupled with her symbol strewing made my jaw drop.

As one of the oldest maps of the psyche, astrology’s own lifetime has contained endless ups and downs, from being systematically rationalised by Ptolemy to being laughed at by cynical teenagers grabbing for the back page of the Metro. Mavis is not scared of skeptics. “As long as you’re open-minded,” she says, with an authority that pours from her whole manner, “let me amaze you.”

If you read forecasts for your sun sign in the magazine or newspaper it’s the equivalent of reading a weather forecast that might say tomorrow will be hot and sunny, dark-skinned people will be in their element, light-skinned people should stay indoors.

Originally you were a psychotherapist, what turned you on to astrology?
For many years I approached astrology with a healthy degree of skepticism but in 1978 I was forced to reconsider. A man in one of my therapy groups said he had consulted an astrologer and please would I listen to a recording he’d made of the consultation. Indulgently I agreed and listened with half an ear but within five minutes I was astounded. With no knowledge of my patient other than his time, place and date of birth, the astrologer had already said everything and more about him that I had done in two years of laborious analysis. I consulted the same astrologer for myself and was overwhelmed by the authenticity and depth of what he told me. I devoured every book I could lay my hands on about the subject, trained professionally and have been using it in my psychotherapy ever since.

Does this mean the paths of our lives are determined at birth?
No, I think it’s the other way around. Our genetic limitations and possibilities are defined at the moment of conception. The general view these days is not that the child is born and the stars beam down on it in some influential way, but that in some way beyond our present understanding the fetus chooses the right moment to be born, when it’s nature is synchronous with the heavens. This ties in very well with recent medical evidence that when a woman goes into labour it is not any changes in her that begin the process. The baby decides. That’s medical knowledge.

What about premature babies?
Well, they’ve chosen. You can think of induced births and caesarians as a problem for astrology, that we are interfering with nature in some way and invalidating the horoscope, but the general view is that even being a caesarian or induced birth is part of your destiny.


Why do people want to know their horoscopes?
Most people come to understand their nature, their talents, their hang-ups. It’s all potential – you’ve got to use it. A lot of people come when they’re at some kind of turning point in their lives.

What exactly is a horoscope?
The horoscope is basically a map of the solar system as seen from the earth at the place, date and time that that entity came into being. Astrology doesn’t just refer to people. Anything that comes into existence, animate or inanimate, will contain within itself, for the whole of its existence and maybe even beyond, the qualities of the moment that it came into being. If there was a dog born at the same time pace and date as a person, that dog would have the same horoscope. Or if it was a business being formed, or a volcano erupting, or even an idea coming into somebody’s head.

Can you predict what will happen to someone using their horoscope?
As the planets keep moving in their spheres they will, throughout our lives, form significant geometrical configurations to the planets or other sensitive points in our horoscopes. When they form those configurations we feel the affect and the basic potential of our horoscope is unfolded in some way. It’s up to us to make the worst or the best of those changes.

Do different planets have different effects on us?
The moon goes round everybody’s horoscope once a month. The moon’s movement is just responsible for our fleeting moods. At the other end of the solar system is Pluto, which takes 268 years to go round the zodiac, so each of us only has a very small number of significant Pluto transits in our lives. When you have one, your whole life is transformed. The further out the planets go from the sun, the longer they take to go round the zodiac and the more powerful their transits will be.

Is it misleading to think of yourself as, for example, a Scorpio?
The sun is very important but it’s just one part. When you look at Scorpio it’s you and one in twelve of people in the world. If you read forecasts for your sun sign in the magazine or newspaper it’s the equivalent of reading a weather forecast that might say tomorrow will be hot and sunny, dark-skinned people will be in their element, light-skinned people should stay indoors.

Your specialty is looking at relationships. What about if you see a really happy couple and look at their horoscopes and think, oh God, something’s going to go wrong.
Shakespeare said, “There’s nothing good or bad but thinking makes it so”. The challenges and tensions in a relationship are what enable a couple to grow. If you look carefully you’ll see all relationships are a mixture of ease and difficulty. If I give a couple an honest reading and tell them what the challenges are and what the good stuff is, when they’re in love they won’t admit any of the bad stuff. But five years later when they’re in the divorce court they wont admit any of the good stuff. You know there’s going to be challenge and transformation and you either work through it and stay together or separate.


Mavis Klein Photowww.familytherapylondon.co.uk

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