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A Curious Calling: Philena Bruce, healer and psychic

Sometimes a job chooses you

Written by . Published on August 1st 2011.

A Curious Calling: Philena Bruce, healer and psychic

THE great lord of science does not leave much explanatory space in the modern schema for things like spirits, psychic energy fields, crystal balls and past lives. He wields his measuring rod like a bouncer at the edge of existence ensuring only those best dressed up in particles and brainwaves get in. But, unluckily for him, there is a back entrance. His rules cannot reach everywhere. Spiritual healer and psychic, Philena Bruce, has found another way. Able to psychically sense pending disasters and aid lost spirits on their way, she has enough anecdotal evidence to unnerve the most dogmatic scientist. She surrounds all these stories with her twinkling eyes and rumbling laughter, convincing me she is no serious fool. Maybe sometimes there are better, more interesting things to be rather than scientific.

When did you learn to use your powers?

I learnt palmistry when I was working in the department of health and social security and I had nothing else to do – It was all salary and no work. I traveled all over the world and practiced palmistry wherever I went. When I was staying in south India, the guru Father Bede Griffiths made me the ashram palmist. People would come from miles around because they heard there was a good palmist in the ashram. I went back and set-up in London, but after a while I learnt that most people didn’t come because they wanted to know their futures, they came because they were bloody miserable! They needed help. So I took a course in healing.

I think it’s quite a good idea to have your idea of reality upset. Most peoples’ idea of reality is completely screwed anyway.

How does healing work?

The person and the healer have to be very relaxed. You work with symbols in the mind. Sometimes outright miracles appear. At a dinner party I met a woman who’d hurt her back. She’d been to an osteopath, but it had no affect. So between the main course and pudding I put my hands on her back, shut my eyes and asked for a picture of what was wrong. I got a picture of a soggy sausage hanging on two rusty hooks with two goal posts either side. In my mind, I called up a manufacturer of new sausages to bring a new sausage and two brand new hooks and posts. I put up the new posts and hooks. I hooked up the brand new sausage. I asked how she felt and she said ‘just before you opened your mouth, the pain went’. She told me some time later it had never come back.

How can it be that thinking about something makes it happen?
I don’t know. I might say – ask God. It’s something to do with magnetism and electricity. Peoples’ energy fields give off energy that other peoples’ energy fields can pick up. As an adult, you can close down to it, but as a child you can feel it – like the certain feeling you get about things, like candyfloss, a fairground or happiness. To pick up psychic energies your mind needs to be like a still pond. That’s when subtle messages come in. When your mind is all a-jabber you won’t pick up anything.

Is it frustrating to be met with a lot of cynicism?
Well, people who come here aren’t cynics. But it can upset peoples’ idea of reality. I think it’s quite a good idea to have your idea of reality upset. Most peoples’ idea of reality is completely screwed anyway.

Why do you think people are so wary of anything that can’t be proven by science?
They’re probably scared. Dead shit scared. They don’t want the world to be different to the way they think. For example, if you believe the world is such that your politicians have everyone’s best interests at heart and that the world is basically honest, then you feel safe. Or perhaps they are like my nephew, who was scared to let me take him to a crystal ball reader. He was terrified of what the person would say in case they projected a future that was unhappy.

Do you always tell people when their future looks bleak?
It’s not a fate à complis. I might say to someone that I don’t see much point in going on, because their future is going to continue in a bad direction, unless they follow my suggestions. People deal with the same life events very differently. There are lots of factors that come into play – your DNA and your family, your past lives. That’s why you get identical twins who have very different characters – they had different past lives. Your past lives and your family to a certain extent dictate how you react to a situation.

How do you find out about your past lives?
You get people into an altered state. I tell clients, if some picture goes through your mind that you don’t recognise, like you’re stuck underground and you know that’s never happened, then it’s probably a past life. If somebody hits something correct, you get a feeling that it makes sense. Even though logically it doesn’t, intuitively and emotionally it does.

I have a pain in my leg that always comes at strange moments...
You could have been hit by an arrow in a past life. Your life may have been saved but often people who were hit in joints would be in pain permanently. Well, it could be some straightforward physical explanation. But it could be that your past lives need to be healed. It might be that you shot lots of other people in the hip in a past life and this is your karma.

So do spirits go straight from one life to the next?
There’s no way of knowing. The Tibetans pray that you will have a good next life immediately, but the rest of us all hope we’ll have a long rest first. If you’ve gone through hell in this life, the last thing you want to do is start again immediately. Mediums used to say that after the world wars on the battlefields, after the battle was officially over, all the spirits were still fighting each other because they didn’t know they were dead. The mediums had to go there and say, ‘you know, you’re dead’.

What do these spirits look like?
Some people can see spirits the same way you can see me now. I know somebody who can see them just like that only they’re green. Luckily, they look different, otherwise you can’t tell the difference. And people who can’t tell the difference between people and spirits are usually put in the loony bin pretty quickly.


Know That You Are Loved

Philena Bruce has written a book about self-healing entitled Know That Your Are Loved that is available at www.knowthatyouareloved.com

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AnonymousAugust 3rd 2011.

What a great article - very interesting

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