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A Curious Calling: Todd Acamesis

Out-of-body exploration: to daydream or not to daydream, that is the question

Written by . Published on August 8th 2011.

A Curious Calling: Todd Acamesis

YOU’RE in bed, asleep, dreaming (about a forest, an ice-cream, anything). Everything is a little hazy. You’re not really in control of your actions. But something changes – you realise you’re in a dream. You realise you can wake up out of it and so nothing matters – you can break the laws of physics, even the laws of the state if you want to. You can fly thousands of miles around the Earth in a second and see every detail. Then maybe you freak out and wonder if you won’t wake up. In a second you’re heavy again, hot and blind in the dark of your bedroom. There’s beeping and not enough time to get to work. You get up, turn the light on, brush your teeth and start to forget. This is reality, right? Clouds and pavements and the underground.

Todd Acamesis disagrees. A Florida-born, out-of-body explorer who has climbed even higher than the level of lucid dreaming described above, he tells me not to believe a word he says. “You have to experience it for yourself.” That is what he spends his life teaching people to do. He sketches a diagram of an unrecognisable reality, and it is clear that to take this on faith is to miss his point. So once again, cynics beware, this curious calling may get your skeptical blood boiling.

How does anyone end up a professional out-of-body explorer?
I started reading a book by a chap named Robert Monroe. He’s world-renowned as a pioneer out-of-body explorer. I’d read his first book as a teenager. I remember having one session late at night – lying down, letting my body be still – and nothing happened, so I got bored. Six years ago, I started to try to put my finger on that level of consciousness. Between the ages six and twelve, I had a lot of out-of-body experiences, but I couldn’t label them as that because I didn’t have the frameworks.

I realised there was something more interesting and dynamic to explore than the semantics of a belief system – of religion or even spirituality. For most of us, we believe things, but we don’t know things.

What kind of experiences?
I would actually get out of my body and go to communities that were just as real as what I’d just left. I thought I must have been visiting other parts of the Earth. I now realise I was actually visiting places that were earth-like in appearance but were completely different dimensions of reality.

Todd AcamesisTodd AcamesisHow could you tell?
As a child, I couldn’t. But there were differences in species – not everyone I met was human. Thankfully my mother was very tuned in. Whenever I had these experience and woke up, she’d come and take notes and have me draw pictures. When I left home at seventeen, I’d completely forgotten. She handed me this folder and I looked through it when I was hitchhiking. I saw some of the drawings and had flashbacks to people that I’d met and some that I’d even become friends with.

How did you learn to get back to that state?
Six years ago I found this set of CDs called The Gateway Experience. It helps you to tune out of the physical. I’d read online that people had OBEs by listening to it. I listened for a year and nothing happened. But I went for a walk one day and got this rash from a poisonous plant. I woke up at 4am, itching everywhere. I couldn’t get to sleep. I figured I could tune out of this itching by getting into a trance state. This time I felt this surge of energy all over my body. Later, I learnt it’s a vibrational state. I thought, ‘I wonder if I can just sit up out of my body.’ And with that thought, I found myself doing it. Then this white light flooded into the room and this hand reached through the light. I got this fear and suddenly I was lying back in my body and the hand and light were retreating. I lay there for a few seconds just thinking – what a dumbass! But I had the blueprint. I could get the vibrations back by focusing on them. And then the light and the hand reappeared. I had to sit there for a minute, building my courage. I reached out to the hand and it maneuvered me away from my body. Then it withdrew, and the light withdrew. And there I was, on my own, hovering above my body. It was a really profound moment. I mean, people in these circles, we have this belief that we are more than these physical bodies, and we do survive death. But to actually experience it first hand was very powerful.

And after that you could get out of your body at will?
I used that as a stepping-stone. I learned that night this technique of sleep interruption. You get a good amount of sleep, but you wake up after maybe three or four sleep cycles, then get up and do the practice. Within a week, I was able to replicate that experience three times. After that, I was able to have five experiences in a week.


Reality SketchReality Sketch

You said that people can survive death – so this isn’t just something you can do whilst alive?
Let’s say I was to die right now, one of the first things that I’d experience would be a duplicate energy reality. This first dimension is populated by people who’ve transitioned death but don’t know about any other levels yet. We call them ghosts. One step further up [‘Afterlife’, see diagram] you start to find a whole range of communities that don’t have to be earth-like at all. They are very thought-responsive and people almost become super human in ability – this is why heaven is seen as this limitless place with no death or disease. Some people stay here for ages. Dreams usually take place in these intermediate realities. Dream-states are just individual to you. You don’t see the reality around you because you’re projecting your own dream reality. This is the cool thing. Let’s say a deceased loved one senses that you’re out of body. To you, it’s just a dream state. There are communities are all around you, but you don’t know it. Just like when you daydream in public and forget about the world around you. But a loved one happens by and sees you must be dreaming. They can then project themselves into your dream and interact in your dream and it’ll feel like you met them in a dream.


How does experiencing this change the way you look at this world?
I realised there was something more interesting and dynamic to explore than the semantics of a belief system – of religion or even spirituality. For most of us, we believe things, but we don’t know things. Even though it might resonate deeply with us, we only take it on as a belief. It is somebody else’s truth – the way they have explored reality. I was having direct experience beyond this level of consciousness. That is very empowering.

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Todd runs courses and workshops in out-of-body exploring, to find out for yourself visit: www.journeyoftruth.co.uk

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